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December 2021


“We didn't feel like you were ego-driven... you kept user feedback and our business feedback and ideas priority.”

—Yassine Hamdouni, Lead Engineer @ Climatebase

Who is Climatebase?

With over 25,000 jobs posted in just the last year from organizations across virtually every climate sector, Climatebase is the world’s leading climate careers platform. Nearly half a million people have used their job board to find climate jobs. Climatebase’s vast network of climate tech companies and environmental nonprofits led them to a new opportunity...

Our project.

The Climatebase team had identified an opportunity. If they could enable climate content creators to offer a job board, employers would pay for listings in order to reach that creator’s audience. It’s a monetization opportunity for creators and Climatebase, and access to new talent for employers. A win-win-win.

Climatebase is small team that was simultaneously rebuilding their core app. They brought us on to build an MVP to test this idea quickly.

Collage of Climatebase app mockups

Mockup of creator-specific token management page for employers.

Key moments

Define the flow

Early on, two main UX challenges emerged.

  • How can we best manage the hand-off between all the brands involved?

    • From a job applicant’s perspective, it should feel cohesive clicking from a creator’s newsletter into a Climatebase-hosted job board and then into an employer’s job listing.

    • From an employer’s perspective, we need to earn their trust when they try to post on a creator’s job board but need to first make a Climatebase account, then pay for a token via Stripe, and then arrive back at the creator’s board to post a job.

  • How do job tokens work?

    • How does someone buy a token? Does that job post also show up in Climatebase? Can someone post a job to a creator’s board from the Climatebase core board?

To tackle both these challenges, we showed multiple lo-fi diagrams and talked through the details of each part of the flow. This made it easier for the Climatebase team to share opinions and think through the technical implications of different solutions.

Climatebase initial flow map

Flow diagram that includes 3rd party services, emails, out-of-app triggers, and Climatebase internal workings.

“We really appreciated that you started with flow charts and diagrams... it got us to functional designs quickly. It felt like we were really collaborating in coming up with solutions.”

—Justin Hardin, CTO @ Climatebase

Get into the code

We worked within their existing code base and with their engineers. This required some time to understand how the code and processes fit together.

We did the front end work. One of the key decisions was how to style components. Instead of using our standard UI kit, we augmented their existing bespoke component library. This keeps the codebase smaller, and makes it easier for their team to maintain in the future.

We knew their team was strapped for time. So we wrote an API definitions document that mocked up what was needed from the back end. This enabled their engineers to quickly write what was needed as easily as possible.

Collage of Climatebase UI components

UI kit that looks consistent with Climatebase’s existing components, but is flexible enough to accommodate any creator’s brand color.


They were able to spin out a prototype with minimal effort from their internal team. One of the best things about working with Climatebase is that they already had beta customers asking to use their product. So it was very motivating to work on and know that our work would immediately be put to good use.

What we learned about climate.

The climate tech space is growing like crazy. There are tons of new jobs and a shortage of people to fill them. This is especially true of “hard tech” and “hard science” roles like chemists and hardware engineering.

There is a big opportunity to convince folks from the tech world to make the leap into the *climate* tech world.


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