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"I am thrilled to watch documented changes in the environment, seasonal colors and water flow in creeks from the same vantage point."

Chronolog is a platform that powers ongoing timelapses to record environmental change. Each timelapse is generated from crowdsourced photos. Chronolog is used by over 100 organizations worldwide, including National Parks, wildlife refuges, universities, and museums.

More than 20,000 people have contributed photos to hundreds of timelapses, in turn creating hundreds of thousands of impressions across the internet. Each impression presents an opportunity for visitors to visualize human impacts on the natural world.

We initially expected Chronolog to be used by scientists as a data collection tool but quickly learned that they instead used it for story telling and audience engagement. Conservationists do valuable work that’s difficult to express because of the slow progress of nature, so they find Chronolog timelapses helpful for sharing their work with a larger audience. By making conservation collaborative, communities are inspired to take action.

Our work with Chronolog has been focused on turning the data and photos collected into an immersive online experience. We designed and developed Chronolog’s web app, which includes a robust data explorer and immersive timelapse player. We also built tools for customers to manage and share their timelapses.

Our work with chronolog is an ongoing effort and one of the projects that united us in our mission to start Lifelike Labs.